Global reward distribution made easy, seamless and efficient.

The Reward Store is your one-stop shop for all your reward programs across the globe. We provide an easy way to redeem your rewards and offer a wide range of options to redeem from, including gift cards, merchandise, travel, and more. We also support API integration, so you can easily add our rewards store to your own platform.

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Rewards Programs

Lack of personalization
Customers want rewards that are relevant to their interests and needs. A one-size-fits-all approach to rewards is unlikely to be effective..
Limited benefits
Customers want rewards that are valuable to them. Rewards programs with limited benefits are less likely to be successful.
Data privacy concerns
Customers are increasingly concerned about their data privacy. Rewards programs need to be transparent about how they collect.
Operational challenges
Rewards programs need to be well-managed to ensure that customers receive their rewards on time and without hassle.
Rewards programs should be easy to understand and participate in. Complex programs can confuse and frustrate customers.
Limited redemption options
Customers want a variety of redemption options, so they can choose rewards that they actually want. Rewards programs with a limited selection of redemption options are less likely to be successful.
High redemption thresholds
Customers want rewards that are valuable to them. Rewards programs with limited benefits are less likely to be successful.


The Reward Store?

Easy to use platform
Our cloud-based platform is easy to use and manage, even for businesses with limited resources.
Global reach
Reward customers, partners, and employees in over 100 countries with our global catalog of rewards.
Personalized rewards
Choose from a wide range of rewards to find the perfect one for everyone, regardless of location or preferences.
Local bank payments
We offer local bank payment options in a variety of countries, making it easy for your recipients to receive their rewards.
Global catalog of 5000+ brands
Our global catalog features over 5,000 brands from around the world, so you can find the perfect reward for your recipients.
Competitive forex rates
Get competitive foreign exchange rates on all international transactions.
Timely delivery
We deliver rewards quickly to recipients around the world.
Local compliance and regulations
We ensure that all rewards purchased comply with local regulations and audit the same on behalf of our clients.
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